VUCHZ a.s.


EUROMONT Group a.s.
Modification of burners HPP 1,1TW on furnace 1392-B01-B04 for Česká rafinerská, a. s.
PARAMO, a. s.
Elaboration of project documentation and obtaining a valid building permit for the Project "TDAE production and recovery of base oils production"
ZVU Engineering a.s., Hradec Králové
Process design of the column internals for ammonia stripper column, manufacturing and supply of the internals for TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s.
DEZA, a. s., Valašské Meziříčí
New design of existing distillation process, delivery of bridge trays.
ZVU Engineering a.s., Hradec Králové
Process design of benzol stripper column and delivery of bridge trays for TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s.
GIG, Rakousko
Continuous performance of thickening and evaporation experiments on test rig for chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Design, manufacturing and delivery of column and its internals for refinery Petrochema Dubová a.s., Slovak Republic.
Process design, manufacturing and delivery of the burners system for warming of combustion gases at the output of calcination combustion chamber for Fosfa Poštorná.
Nová Huť, a. s., Ostrava
Unique prototype scale equipment for iron scale and iron scale sludge treatment. This waste from metallurgical production is then used as high quality raw material for the blast furnace. Process design, project and supply of equipment.
Galena, a. s., Opava
Design, manufacturing and delivery of column, agitated thin-film evaporator, circulation evaporator and condensers for production of cyclosporine.
Gbely a. s., Slovensko
Process design and delivery of complete after-combustion chamber incl. burners for combustion of gases accompanying oil exploitation. 
Koramo a.s., Kolín
Delivery of silica gel closures to storage tanks.
Česká Zbrojovka, a. s., Uherský Brod
Process technology design and delivery of equipment for ethanol removal.
CMP a.s., Nové Město
Project a delivery of equipment for caprolactame casting, process modernizing.
ABB EJF, a. s., Brno
omplete reworking of the pressure casting machines.