VUCHZ a.s.


The tradition of the VUCHZ joint stock company goes back to 1958 when the Research Institute at Královopolská strojírna Brno was established. In 1965, it became the Research Institute of Chemical Equipment, forming a part of the CHEPOS Group, which carried out research and development of technologies mainly for chemical, petrochemical and food industries. On the basis of this work, it was able to manufacture and successfully deliver complete technological units to many countries around the world.
At the end of 1990, the VUCHZ joint stock company was founded, as a legal successor of the former research institute. In its founding, the company took advantage of the knowledge and long-term experience of its technicians and engineers, its numerous patents and extensive know-how, it testing rooms and pilot plants furnished with modern equipment, and last but not least also of its workshops where many unique prototypes have been born.
At present, VUCHZ is an engineering, manufacturing and supply joint stock company, carrying out the development, manufacture and delivery of equipment and technological lines for the chemical and food industries as well as for environmental protection.