VUCHZ a.s.


ÚJV Řež, a. s.: Public tender: „POTENCIÁL 2“
the technology oftheevaporationof liquidradioactive waste (RW) anddecontamination facilitiesof RW by means of abrasiveblasting process. Technology, design, projects a turnkey delivery. Start up of active operation in 09/2014.

OKSES Invest, Minsk, Belarus
Project documentation for realisation for the construction of wastewater treatment plant for 11 000 of equivalent population.

PETKA CZ, a. s., Brno Modřice
Design, delivery and assembly of apparatuses and equipment for PET bottles processing line.

TOMA, a. s., Otrokovice
Manufacturing and delivery of apparatuses for the Project “Complex treatment of bio degradable wastes”.
ATEKO, a.s., Hradec Králové
Delivery of absorption columns.

RAFAKO, Ratiboř, Poland
Concept of modernization of industrial waste incineration plant with a capacity of up to 600 kg/hr and 1,500 kg/hr in the refinery ORLEN, Poland.

Design, manufacture and supply of burners system for heating of recirculating flue gases at the output of the combustion chamber calcinatory in Fosfa Poštorná.
Nová Huť, a. s., Ostrava
Unique prototype scale equipment for iron scale and iron scale sludge treatment. This waste from metallurgical production is then used as high quality raw material for the blast furnace. Process design, project and supply of equipment.
Nafta Gbely a. s., Slovakia
Process design and delivery of complete after-combustion chamber incl. burners for combustion of gases accompanying oil exploitation.
EKO-TOP, Rzeszów, Poland
Incinerating plant for industrial waste of 1500 t/year, turn-key delivery.
Česká Zbrojovka, a. s., Uherský Brod
Process technology design and delivery of equipment for ethanol removal.
Koh-i-noor, a. s. České Budějovice
Design and delivery of multi stage scrubber incl. construction work for existing incinerating Hoval Schiestl.
Fatra, a. s. Napajedla
Design and delivery of equipment for thermal disposal of exhaust gases arising during PVC coverings and equipment for thermal oil heating.
Benzina a.s., Cerekvice
Turn-key delivery of incinerating plant for solid and liquid industrial wastes with rotary kiln, after-combustion chamber and multi stage scrubber, capacity 200 kg/hr.
VOP Nový Jičín
Turn-key delivery of incinerating plant for solid and liquid industrial wastes with rotary kiln, after-combustion chamber, multi stage scrubber and fluid bed drier of oil sludge, capacity 200 kg/hr kg/hod.
DEZA, a. s., Valašské Meziříčí
Turn key delivery of industrial incinerating plant of 10 kt/year solid and liquid waste with rotary kiln, after-combustion chamber, multi stage scrubber.