VUCHZ a.s.


E.V.I. Group a. s., Vladislav

Feasibility study “Intensification of animal fats production”.
SAMSON-ALEKS, Jangijul, Uzbekistan
Delivery of unit for fruits (especially apples) drying.
ASTANA, Kazakhstan
Delivery of brewery technology of 5 million litres of beer per year.
ARMAN, Almata, Kazakhstan
Delivery of small scale brewery of 2000 hl/year, design for the location inside the restaurant.
Danone a.s., Benešov
Process measurement of evaporating unit, followed by process intensification.
Obchodní sladovny a.s., Litovel
Study - prototype of micro malt kiln.
GLYCONA s.r.o. Otrokovice
Basic design for project “Rectification of rape seed oil methyl esther”.