VUCHZ a.s.


VUCHZ, a.s. is, as a result of its experience and obtained authorizations, capable of designing, realizing, and supplying various standard and untypical equipment for nuclear power industry including their installation and furnishing with measurement and regulation systems in required high quality (e.g. polished surfaces).

In the field of nuclear energy, VUCHZ, a.s. was for a long time engaged in the treatment of liquid and bulk radioactive wastes from nuclear plants (NP) by means of their solidification and bitumenation to enable their safe storage in the regional deposit places.

In close cooperation with the technologists from VÚJE Trnava and ÚJV Řež, VUCHZ ensured the development and implementation of the bitumenation lines for fixation of low-and medium radioactive wastes for NP Jaslovské Bohunice and NP Dukovany. For machinery part of these lines supplied by Královopolská strojírna, VUCHZ ensured the design, construction and even production by some special components, such as:
  • Equipment for collection of product samples and dried sorbents
  • Covering equipment for barrels with product
  • Screw feeder of sorbent and fly ash
  • Decantation equipment of sorbents
  • Radioactive waste bottling equipment
In addition to these direct supplies, VUCHZ, a.s. cooperated with Královopolská strojírna on other devices, such as:
  • Sorbents washing column
  • Homogenization container for sorbents
  • Mixed containers for concentrates
  • Film rotor evaporator (non-standard application)


Experience of VUCHZ specialists from their own experimental base has been used in start up and test run of the a/m devices. Both of the realized equipment in NP Jaslovské Bohunice and NP Dukovany completed the project parameters: 40% of the fixed salts from concentrates and residual water content in product < 1% at the performance about 120 or 200 l/hr of evaporated water.

Furthermore, the activity of VUCHZ, a.s. in this area was focused on technical solution of homogenization, handling and transport of sedimented sludge from the NP storage tanks to the treatment facility.

VUCHZ, a.s. is his experience and obtained permission to design, implement and deliver various standard and atypical equipment (e.g. containers, evaporator, column, burners etc.) for nuclear energy, including its installation and equipment, measurement and control systems, and in the high quality required (e.g. polished surfaces).